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Wakeboarding emerged around the 80's. It is a mixture of several sports, including surfing and water skiing. The closest thing to wakeboarding at that time was surfers being pulled by boats from the beach to catch the waves.

Then attachments were added to the board, the boats were modified to allow the wakeboarder to perform certain tricks more easily. 

Today, the world of wakeboarding is still evolving. Indeed, there is also wakesurfing, which consists of standing on a small wakeboard without bindings and surfing on the wave of the boat. The rider is towed behind the boat at a speed of around 17 km/h for wakesurfing and 33 km/h for wakeboarding, the sliding sensations are guaranteed.

You will have the possibility to discover and practice your Wakeboarding, Wakesurfing or Wakefoiling. And at the end of the day, incredible sensations on the wave of the boat.

The Surfshop offers you recent and quality equipment. If you wish to buy your own equipment, we will advise you to find what suits you best!

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Nous vendons aussi du matériel de wake neuf !   Conseil d'achat

  • Session

    If you want to ride freely you can book a session:

    • A session lasts 15 minutes (6 sessions per 2 hours trips)
    • Session vouchers are valid for 2 seasons
    • Wakesurf - Wakeboard - Water skiing - Monoski

    book my session

  • Privatising the wake boat

    And if you wish to organise a private outing (boat, pilot and equipment for up to 10 people) this is also possible. 

    What is included :

    • Our wake boat with pilot and equipment
    • Up to 10 of your friends on board
    • Minimum 2 hours

    In general, a maximum of 4 people can ride in one hour and a maximum of 9 in two hours.

    book the boat 

  • "Discovery" lesson 

    • Only for new customers
    • Tips for getting started
    • 15 minutes session
    • Wakeboard or Wakesurf

    book a discovery lesson

  • Lessons

    If you want to improve your skills you can also take a lesson:

    1 personal coach in addition to the pilot: 90 sfr/h

    • Instant coaching headset
    • Min 1/2h, independent of wrinkled minutes
    • Session non-included
    • Video coaching
    • Wakesurf & Wakeboard

    Book a lesson


  • We are selling second-hand equipment !
    We are selling second-hand equipment !
  • Au fil de l'eau
    Au fil de l'eau

    Come and discover foiling and our group paddle trips!

    And with that, you will be offered an ice cream or a drink.

    Book your course online now!

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