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Rental conditions

Rental conditions: PDF 

To ensure that you have a pleasant time on the water, we ask you to take note of and respect the following conditions and our recommendations:

We will do our best to ensure that our activities are as safe as possible.

You are responsible for the truthfulness of the information you give us.

We do not accept any responsibility for accidents that may occur during the course of our activities.

The measures taken by our staff to ensure your safety are not open to question. If you choose to ignore them, you release us from any responsibility for injury, accident or death.

In the event of cancellation of our activities due to weather conditions, there is no right to a refund for activities already started.

If we are unable to provide the service, our liability is limited to the reimbursement of the part of the service that could not be provided.

When using our online booking site, you are responsible for using a secure password, for changing it regularly and for not disclosing it to anyone.

We will never ask you for your password in any way.

  • You are responsible for the equipment you hire and the consequences of its use
  • You will be charged for damage, loss, overruns and the need for rescue
  • Return immediately when the orange warning lights of the port of Morges flash
  • Sail at a maximum of 300 metres from the shore and pass at least 100 metres from the Bird Island
  • Stay outside the swimming area (yellow buoys)
  • Give priority to bathers and other boats, do not run aground on the beaches
  • The use of all floating devices is forbidden under the influence of alcohol, drugs or medication
  • Get wet before jumping into the water
  • Do not collide with other boats
  • Respect the number of people allowed in the boat - three children under the age of 12 count as two adults
  • Practice along the beach or in the bay of Morges, or inform us of your route

Stand-up paddle:

  • 10 years old minimum
  • Lifejacket available on request
  • Buoyancy aid mandatory if water temperature is < 16°
  • Sailing area: 300 metres

Leash mandatory from 8 knots of wind
Wetsuit and leash mandatory if water temperature is below 16°

Pedal boat (5 people):

  • 10 years old minimum
  • Lifejacket available on request
  • Buoyancy aids available on request
  • Sailing area: 300 metres

Canoe (1-3 people):

  • 10 years old minimum
  • Lifejacket mandatory up to 12 years old
  • Buoyancy aid compulsory from 12 years old
  • Navigation area: 300 metres


  • 14 years old minimum
  • Buoyancy aid mandatory + wetsuit
  • Sailing area: 300 meters

8HP Motorboat without licence (5 people):

  • 16 years old minimum
  • Lifejacket mandatory for everyone
  • Sailing more than 150 meters from the shore (more than 300 meters allowed)
  • Sailing at up to 10 km/h within 300 metres
  • Prohibition to moor to a floating object
  • Damage to the propeller will be charged at CHF 500!

In case of dispute, the place of jurisdiction is Préverenges, Switzerland.



  • We sell second-hand equipment
    We sell second-hand equipment

    Wing, Foils or Boards, there is something for every taste here! So don't hesitate to contact us.
    If you are interested, you can contact us by phone : 021 802 16 16
    or by mail at info(a)surfshop.ch

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