Boat Rental Terms and Conditions

2016 - v.1


To help ensure your safety and that of those around you, please respect our recommendations and agree to the following conditions:


  • You are responsible for the boat you rent
  • You will be charged for any damages, losses, exceeded rental time, and in the event of rescue
  • Come back to shore immediately when the warning lights at the port in Morges are flashing
  • Stay within 300 meters from shore and keep a distance of at least 100 meters from Bird Island
  • Stay outside of the zone reserved for swimmers (yellow buoys)
  • Be cautious of swimmers and other boaters, and do not run your boat onto the beach
  • Navigating a boat under the influence of drugs or alcohol is forbidden
  • Wet your body before jumping into the water to avoid shock
  • Avoid collisions and attaching to other boats
  • Respect the number of people authorized on a boat – three children under the age of 12 count fortwo adults
  • Navigate within the Bay of Morges or inform us of your itinerary beforehand


Age to Rent Floatation Aid Life Jacket Zone de Navigation
Stand-up paddle* 10 years Mandatory if water <16° or navigating in river Available on request 300 meters from shore
(5 pers)
10 years Available on request
Available on request
300 meters from shore
(1 to 3 pers)
10 years Mandatory 12 years and up Mandatory up to 12 years
300 meters from shore
Windsurf 14 years Mandatory + wetsuit - 300 meters from shore
Motor boat
(5 pers)
16 years - Mandatory for everybody Navigate at least 150 meters from shore (and beyond 300 meters permitted)

*Stand-Up Paddle

Mandatory leash when wind is 8 knots and above
Wetsuit and leash are mandatory when water temperature is less than 16°

**Motor boat: 8 HP without licence

A piece of identification is required as deposit
Mooring to a floating object is forbidden
If the propeller becomes damaged, a charge of CHF 500 will be applied to your bill
Stay within 10 km/h when navigating within 300 meters from shore



Click here for the Boat Rental Terms and Conditions PDF.




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