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This year, the Surfshop offers you the opportunity to discover Wingsurfing and to experience new sensations and an incredible freedom of movement! Our staff will accompany you in the discovery of this new sport in order to guarantee you the best possible experience.

Wingsurfing has been around for a long time. Developed in the mid 1980's by Tom Magruder, the design of the wing was inspired by seagulls.

Since the democratisation of the foil, Wingsurfing has developed considerably. Indeed, the foil makes it possible to increase the speed of navigation by avoiding a friction between the board and the water which could slow down the speed. This has a strong influence on the attraction of riders for this freedom of movement and these incredible sensations!

The Surfshop offers you the latest and best equipment. If you want to buy your own equipment, we will advise you to find what suits you best!

buying advice

  • Equipment rental

    If you are already familiar with foiling or wind sports, we can offer you our Wing equipment for hire.

    Available foils:

    • Indiana
    • SABFoil  (Moses)
    • Naish

    Available Wings:

    • Ensis
    • Cabrinha
    • Duotone

    rent equipment

  • "Discovery" lesson

    If you want to try the Wingfoil for the first time, here is the advice of our instructors:

    • Test windsurfing at least once to learn to feel the wind in the sail
    • Do an introduction to foiling to learn how to position yourself on the board and keep your balance

    book a Windsurf discovery lesson

    book a foil discovery lesson


  • We are selling second-hand equipment !
    We are selling second-hand equipment !
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